Thalias Culture"Treat others the way you want to be treated."


As a leading company in the Cambodian hospitality industry with about 300 staffs, Thalias comprises two fine-dining restaurants–Topaz and Malis; Arunreas – a small luxury hotel; and a dine-in & take out French gourmet shop Khéma. There are many other projects under development, please subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated to our latest news and offers.

Our philosophy

We believe "Sophistication is simplicity", which is the secret of how our brands exceeding customers expectations in terms of quality, product, delivery and cost. Arnaud Darc, CEO and Founder of Thalias interviewed by the Phnom Penh Post once said: "Sophistication has its limit, sometimes simplicity is the best... There is nothing better than a good omelet with the right eggs or a simple roasted chicken with the right crispiness of skin. Everything we do is that spirit, that philosophy."

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Being the company behind the top restaurants and café in town, we intend to bring quality products and diversity in choice to every single customers - and this is one of the Thalias' fundamental principles. In order to make sure all the cuisine and services we offer meet the highest standards in terms of quality, teams from Thalias travel very often from one country to another to source new products and work with suppliers from all over the world, of course locally as well to support the local economies. We have exclusive distribution agreements with numerous international food and beverages producers.

And we intend to bring these ultimate experiences to more customers by launching the Khéma restaurants so customers can be able to enjoy our quality products - anytime and anywhere ...



Thalias has always been actively participating in the growth and development of the Cambodia’s hospitality industry; and striving to raise the standards of both the industries and the society.


Giving back

Thalias is always willing to give back to the society. It’s important to us, as members of the community, to contribute to the greater good and help make our community a better place for everyone.



Sustainability is about managing not only the financial but also the social and environmental impact. As our core business strategy, we care about profits, people and planet at the same time.